Peck's Multi Purpose
Breakfast Tray

This breakfast in bed tray with folding legs has a large flip top surface for working or eating. It has folding legs for compact storage.

It holds your laptop computer including the new wide screened portables up to 18" wide and accommodates a separate mouse on the side tray if you work that way.

If you want to read you can adjust the tray to three different reading positions and still enjoy your favorite beverage or snack.

You could take notes on the side tray while reading.

Lower the tray and use it as a full functioning breakfast tray.

If you spill you will not spoil your fine linens because the hinged tray has a lip all the way around just like a serving tray.

It would function nicely as a writing desk. Put your coffee on the side tray and you won't risk spilling on that important document. The legs come with leg locks to prevent it from folding up on you when in use.

Breakfast Tray  
Companion Stand  
Acrylic Liner  
Tea Bell  

The overall dimensions of this tray are  28" x 16.5" The  tilting tray is 18.5" x 14"  The little side tray is  6.5" x 15"  When open the legs have 20" of space from leg to leg. There is 8" of clearance for your legs. The overall height of the tray is 9.5"  Folds to 1.5" when closed. Weighs 6 lbs. Made from Linden and white Birch.  The dark and Cordovan colors are stained then finished with two coats of our premium clear satin lacquer.

multi purpose laptop tray closed

laptop desk open for reading

bed tray closed for eating