JeffPlex Acrylic
Adjustable Laptop Tray

Proudly made In the USA

acrylic laptop tray

Here is a unique tray made specifically for your laptop.
It will also function nicely as a writing desk. Slightly loosen the knobs and this tray easily adjusts to the level you wish from 3" to 7.5" without taking it apart.  It will keep the tray off your legs and away from the heat typically generated from laptop computers.

If your recliner arms are high you can lower the center tray below the arms to just over your legs while the tray arms rest on the arms of the chair.

If your stuffed easy chair arms are low, adjust the center tray higher to the right height for your typing comfort.

If you prefer to work on the couch adjust the tray up to the level that works best for you. 

If you prefer to work in bed adjust the tray so it just fits over your legs which is optimum for using your laptop.

Adjust your tray to the maximum height and you can even work on the floor. 

The tray can be tilted forward or backward slightly for a better angle if needed. No matter how you adjust the tray there will always be two flat surfaces on each side for using your separate mouse, keeping your remotes handy,  drinks, snacks etc.

It adjusts in height from 3" to 7-1/2" We have found any higher creates strain on the wrists and is not suitable for typing.
Dimensions are:
34" long  12"wide.
Center tray is 18-1/2" (this is the opening for your legs)

These trays are precision laser cut from 1/4" acrylic, edge polished and then formed . Each has four black adjusting knobs. Weighs 6 lbs


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 Acrylic Laptop Tray

laptop tray on easy chair
On a stuffed chair

Modern chair with low arms

laptop tray on couch
Works on the Couch

Customer letter
"Dear Tray
Just a note to say I love my acrylic laptop desk!  I've never had one
that was so adjustable, and had no edges to get in the way of the laptop.

In fact, I think I have invented an entirely new way of deploying it. I
work on a chaise lounge with one arm on the left, and a somewhat
broken-down cushion on which I sit. The tray is arranged in staircase
fashion, with one side tall enough to rest on the arm, the other deep
enough to rest on the outside edge of the soft and keep the tray level,
(and tilted slightly inwards, which is another bonus.) My laptop has
little rubber feet which keep it in place. I can keep the tray low and
pull it in as close to me as I want. It's super!"

P B customer

Trays rests on chair arms

Use it on the Floor