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Ronel  Breakfast Tray
White Satin

The deluxe bed tray model features an adjustable flip top
reading table which adjusts to four different levels.

 The deluxe model has a removable 20"x15"  matching pamper tray fitted with white handles  This pamper tray is designed to nestle easily yet securely onto the top of the main bed tray base.  Now available an optional  clear acrylic liner to protect the tray from spills. Wash with soap and water only.

You can leave the main tray base on the bed or on its companion stand while you are off to the kitchen to load the pamper tray with goodies. This makes it easy to get down the hall or up the stairs with out the extra bulk or width of the combined tray unit.

Our trays are carefully constructed by our fine woodworking artisans using select solid American Linden, Birch and  Birch Ply's which lend to its strength and stability.

Each tray is meticulously hand sanded and professionally finished with two coats of  a beautiful, environmentally friendly, white satin finish.
Generous dimensions of this bed tray are
28.5" x 16.5" x  7"





Companion Stand
An optional companion Ronel bed tray stand  is available for holding your tray by the bedside or anywhere you need to park it. It holds your tray at a convenient height of 24"  It folds for storage and comes with brass chain and rubber bumpers.

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Tea Bell

A perfect accent to add to your tray presentation would be to include this beautiful polished silver tea bell. This small bell measures 3.5" tall.
 You Rang???

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